Fermented Beetroot & Fennel Sauerkraut

Product image 1Fermented Beetroot & Fennel Sauerkraut
Product image 2Fermented Beetroot & Fennel Sauerkraut

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This Newest Trial Product was actually requested by one of our lovely customers and we thought it sounded amazing so we made a small batch and it has turned out beautiful!!


Fermented Beetroot and Fennel 💜


It is a sweet, tangy and eathry sensation with a lovely crunch to the fennel.  I am not usually a lover of fennel but in this combination and once fermented it tastes amazing and is loaded with probiotic goodness and immune enhancing properties! 

Add this to just about anything or throw it thorugh a salad and you will find you dont even need dressing!  So thats sensational flavour with no added suagr or vinegar😃 and if you look at the list of healing properties of fennel, its very extensive!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY we are offering this amazing new product FREE with every order of $30 or more!  And we welcome your feedback so we can decide if this is one we shoudl keep making - I think you are going to love it when you try it.


So all you have to do is add this item to your cart & ensure you have at least $30 of other products added and we will include this jar for you free of charge.


The limit is one jar per customer as we only have a limited number of jars to give away!

Ingredients: Organic Beetroot, Organic Fennel, Organic Carrot, Organic Cabbage, pure spring water and salt.


**This is a live fermenting product so please place in the fridge and open when cold.  Some small amounts of leaking can occur in transit on occasion due to fermentation - if this happens simply rinse the jar and pop in the fridge. Open when cold and ENJOY!   As a brand-new product, this jar has a plain white label for now.

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