NEW Black Garlic & Mushroom Sauerkraut

Product image 1NEW Black Garlic & Mushroom Sauerkraut
Product image 2NEW Black Garlic & Mushroom Sauerkraut
Product image 3NEW Black Garlic & Mushroom Sauerkraut

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AMAZING Black Garlic & Mushroom Sauerkraut - This is an amazing combination very special and dear to our hearts.  An absolute original product created to further harness the powerful healing benefits of GARLIC.

The Black Garlic is a local product made on the Mid North Coast.  It has been lovingly and expertly fermented to allow the beneficial bacteria to multiply and work it's wonders.  It is hand delivered to our facility where we carefully mix it with Certified organic cabbage and mushrooms for a second ferment, allowing nature to continue it's precious processes.

The result is a delicious original and powerful fermented food that has been a complete sellout at the farmers markets where we originally trialled it.

You wont find anything like this product and it has to be tasted to understand this perfect blend and original take on a traditional German mushroom sauerkraut.


*Please note this product has a single white label as it isnt available in stores yet.  It will soon be added to our NASAA organic certification, but we guarantee it is made with the same certified organic ingredients and pure spring water as all our ferments.  Premium Pure Quality Ferments is all we produce. This is a live fermented product so also please note some leakage in transit can occur, but extra liquid is added to account for this.

NEW product, search for our Gourmet Traditional German Sauerkraut.

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