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Food traditionally brings people together
Healthy Food and work go hand in hand. We offer fun Fermented Raw Food Workshops for corporate conferences and team building events. It is our job to inspire through making real, clean, fermented raw food.
Our fully equipped commercial raw food kitchen is located at Tuggerah Business Park on the NSW Central Coast, just minutes from the freeway. It offers a unique experience for your team to enjoy something a little bit different and to walk away inspired.
Our workshops cater for everyone. We make sure the workshop is hands on and ensure everything is a team effort.
Your team will make many different types of fermented food on the day. Kombucha, Kefir, kimchi and Sauerkraut are all options as part of this fun workshop. Coming together at the table to enjoy the taste of clean, raw food together with everyone is one of the highlights.  
Each workshop member will take home their own creations and experience the stages of fermentation.  Having new knowledge, they can connect within the work environment over ideas to continue their fermentation experimenting at home, bring in their finished products to share and overall find more common ground for connection with each other through this experience we provide.
Each workshop member is provided with a slideshow to music with pictures from the day and we have never seen anyone leave without a smile from ear to ear, having had a thoroughly enjoyable and unique experience like no other. 

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Inspire to live well in work and life.
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