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My aim was to create a business that would make delicious, clean, raw, vegan, fermented food that is also dairy and gluten free.
I simply want everyone to have access to this wonderful gut healing food.   The impact it has had on my life personally was the motivation behind wanting to create the best flavour with only pure, healing ingredients.
I am the Founder and Creator of Spiralz Fermented Foods since 2015. I put my heart and soul into providing better food for my family and myself, I created the first Spiralz fermented Beetroot products in my home kitchen and was so excited for everyone I knew to try it - longest 4 weeks I have ever waited for anything!
It did not take long before a commercial kitchen was established within my home and a full range of sauerkrauts, beetroots, vegan kimchi's and probiotic tonics came together. When you taste my range of Sauerkraut and Tonics I really believe my passion shows in the quality of the product.
I believe everyone must have the opportunity to eat good food not just because it is healthy but to be able to fall in love with the taste and want to have it with everything you eat.  Foods that are vegan, raw, organic, gluten free, dairy free and full of beneficial bacteria for the gut is a must for everyone to have a thriving immune system and all the other wonderful things a strong microbiome will help with.
I believe sauerkraut shouldnt sit in the fridge, no one really choosing to use it. It needs to have outstanding taste and be a versatile food that can be included in the diet in many ways. Everyone should want to enjoy eating it with a meal as a condiment or even by itself as a snack. I believe I have achieved this wonderful crave-worthy flavour and am so proud of the reaction I see every day when customers try my products or contact me to let me know how much they just love the taste and can't get enough. 
Based in Tuggerah Business Park on the NSW Central Coast, we have a team of absolutely beautiful souls working together on something we truly believe in.   I plan to continue to grow and get better with everything I do and am grateful every day to be surrounded by such supportive, kind staff who share my passion for health, wellness and quality in every single product we produce.  Watch this space as I have some exciting new products on the way and creating new and original ways to keep fermented foods interesting and enjoyable is my absolute passion.
Drop me a message anytime - I love hearing from you and chatting about fermented foods and gut health. That is the way I like it to be. I never get tired of chatting to people about this subject and am happy to offer advice if I can through my own experiences and health journey anytime.
 Michelle 😃

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