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Our Story

We came together with the aim to create a business that would make clean, raw, vegan, fermented food that is also dairy and gluten free.

We simply want everyone to have access to this wonderful gut healing food. 

Michelle is the Founder and Creator of Spiralz Fermented Foods in 2015. Putting her heart and soul into providing better food for her children, husband and self, Michelle began putting together the first sauerkraut in her home kitchen.

It did not take long before a commercial kitchen was established close to her home and a full range of sauerkraut and tonics came together. When you taste our range of Sauerkraut and Tonics it is clear Michelle's passion shows in the product.

In 2017 Tracey came along and we became Spiralz Fermented Foods. Both having our own health challenges in the past we came together through simple coincidence.

We have so much in common and being able to supply a full range of tasty fermented foods including Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, Beet Kvass, Tummy Tonic and many more was our priority.

We believe everyone must have the opportunity to eat good food. And foods that are vegan, raw, organic, gluten free, dairy free and full of beneficial bacteria for the gut is a must.

We also believe a sauerkraut must not sit in the fridge. It must have outstanding taste and be a versatile food that can be included in the diet in many ways. It must be able to be eaten with a meal as a condiment or even by itself as a snack. We believe we have achieved this aim. 

Based in Tuggerah Business Park on the NSW Central Coast we plan to continue to grow and get better with everything we do.

Drop us a message or even stop in. That is the way we would like it to be. Share your stories with us and we will continue to share ours.

 Michelle and Tracey


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