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Spiralz Organic Spanish Beet Kvass

Product image 1Spiralz Organic Spanish Beet Kvass
Product image 2Spiralz Organic Spanish Beet Kvass
Product image 3Spiralz Organic Spanish Beet Kvass
Product image 4Spiralz Organic Spanish Beet Kvass

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Spiralz Concentrated Beetroot Kvass is a drink which originates from the Ukraine. Beet Kvass typically has a tangy, earthy, salty flavor with many nutritional benefits.  We created this original flavour in 2015 to add to the already amazing earthy beetroot with fermented organic Spanish onion. It is full of living probiotics and is considered a tonic for digestion, a cleanser for the liver & blood, excellent for rehydration, rebalancing & energy boosting. Spiralz Organic Concentrated Spanish Beet Kvass contains a higher content of beetroot than most other brands and is not carbonated. It can be taken as a shot several times a day, added to juice or smoothies or sipped over ice for a true and healthy refreshment.  We use only 100% Certified organic Australian Vegetables and Spring Water to provide the most concentrated and pure Kvass available.


Available in two sizes:

300ml provides at least 10 x 30ml shots

1Litre provides at least 33 x 30ml shots


*This is a raw, live fermented product and requires refrigeration on arrival.


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