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If you love a little heat when you eat then you will LOVE adding these three spicy favorites to pretty much every meal you can!  Add any one of these spice sensations to your burgers, wraps, salads, stir fry or on top of any meal at all and you will be impressed!  Not only will you be loading up on quality beneficial probiotics for your immune system and gut health, but they add a flavor dimension that no other food product will ever compare with.


In this three-pack you will receive:

1 x 430g Spiralz Spicy Turmeric Sauerkraut™ which has a delightful and complex spicy Indian Curry taste.

1 x Spiralz Vegan Mild Kimchi™, a delicious combination of mild sweet smokey chili with the sour tang kimchi is traditionally loved for.

1 x Spiralz Vegan Hot Kimchi™, an even hotter, more delicious combination of two kinds of chilli, both sweet smokey and just plain hot with the sour tang kimchi is traditionally loved for.

In this special offer you have the opportunity to buy our three best selling products for a discounted price, including FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA ON ORDERS OVER $50!

If you would like to try even more amazing Spiralz Fermented Foods flavors, try our Gift Pack and choose the "Include Hot Kimchi" option to ensure you have these 3 as part of your 6 jars at an even further discounted price.

*This is a raw, live fermented product and requires refrigeration on arrival. This is a live fermented product so also please note some leakage in transit can occur, but extra liquid is added to account for this.


****If you would like to replace one of the products wth Fiery Sauerkraut which is very hot, place a note at checkout and we will substitute that for you ***** 


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