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Spiralz Fermented Foods Gift Card

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Now more than ever we want those we care about to be healthy and resilient, to have strong immune systems and to be in the best, most optimum health possible.  

When you buy a Spiralz Fermented Foods Gift Card you are letting someone special know you are thinking of them and that their health and wellbeing is important to you. 

A gift card allows each individual to choose their own products as often it can be difficult to choose food flavors for others.

A Spiralz Fermented Foods gift card is a wonderful present for a special occasion or an excellent way to help those who are unable to get to the store to buy good real food right now.  All our products are made using 100% Australian Organic Vegetables, the highest quality herbs and spices, Organic Himalayan Salt and Springwater.  This is a premium and gourmet range of healthy food that has been used for centuries to improve health and to protect against disease. 

Anyone receiving a gift card for our products is bound to hank you when they experience the outstanding taste and fresh crunchy texture of our range, which will be unlike anything they have ever had before.

Our gift cards can be used for any products or special multi pack offers on our website.


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