Spiralz Organic Concentrated Beet Kvass with Ginger

Product image 1Spiralz Organic Concentrated Beet Kvass with Ginger
Product image 2Spiralz Organic Concentrated Beet Kvass with Ginger

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Spiralz beet kvass are the most concentrated raw fermented bioavailable probiotic beetroot concentrated shots!  No other kvass is as concentrated in beetroot as ours and we have specifically produced this specialised product for its nitrate health benefits and electrolytes.

Beet kvass is thought to have originated in the Ukraine a long time ago. It’s a probiotic drink that is so full of healing properties it was relied upon to maintain immunity throughout health threats.  Traditional homes always had a bottle on hand as their go-to heal-all tonic.

Of course they didn’t realise what an absolute GOLD MINE it really is, loaded with lactobacillus probiotics, betaine and NITRATES!  All ingredients that have been proven to enhance immunity, cleanse the liver and increase oxygen re-uptake in the blood.  Also 100% no added sugar, poreservatives, starter cultures, powders or anything made in a lab - just pure clean AMAZING elixir.

Our version of concentrated beet kvass shots is a live, raw, certified organic concentrated way to consume nitrates that are bio-available for fast absorption.  Take shots on a regular basis and before working out, diving, running, team sports and training or just about anything you want to surge into peak performance mode for -NATURALLY and in a way that is beneficial to your body.

Why consume reconstituted unnatural non organic processed versions of beetroot products when you can get the nitrates you need through a product literally made by nature and natural processes?

Traditional kvass has the most beetroot content, Spanish Kvass has a small amount of red onion which contains the antioxidant quercetin and other protective properties and ginger kvass has organic ginger for the added benefit of calming the nerves, digestion and stimulating circulation.  If you can’t choose, select multi pack and we will mix it up for you.

Spiralz Concentrated Beetroot Kvass is a drink which originates from the Ukraine. Beet Kvass typically has a tangy, earthy, salty flavour with many nutritional benefits. It is full of living probiotics and is considered a tonic for digestion, a cleanser for the liver & blood, excellent for rehydration, rebalancing & energy boosting. Spiralz Organic Concentrated Spanish Beet Kvass contains a higher content of beetroot than most other brands and is not carbonated. It can be taken as a shot several times a day, added to juice or smoothies or sipped over ice for a true and healthy refreshment.  We use only 100% Certified organic Australian Vegetables and Spring Water to provide the most concentrated and pure Kvass available.

300ml provides at least 10 x 30ml shots

*This is a raw, live fermented product and requires refrigeration on arrival.

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