Spiralz Organic Vegan Hot Kim Chi

Product image 1Spiralz Organic Vegan Hot Kim Chi
Product image 2Spiralz Organic Vegan Hot Kim Chi

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Spiralz Organic Vegan Hot Kimchi has that extra kick for those hot chilli lovers. It is a fermented blend of cabbage, carrot, ginger, Korean chilli peppers, garlic, green onions & other delicious spices. This raw fermented probiotic rich food is traditionally eaten with every meal in Korea. Spiralz Organic Vegan Kimchi is made without the use of fish sauce, contains no gluten and no refined sugar. But we have had much feedback from customers how it is the most amazing and flavoursome traditional kimchi they have ever tried. And it is one of the best tasting raw vegan Kim Chi's available.  Combine this Kim Chi with any dish, salad, wrap, burger or sandwich and you will see why we are so loved for our raw probiotic gut enriching vegan sauerkraut.

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