Traditional Healing Probiotic Tonic 3 Pack

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This pack is the best priced of all our concentrated shots and is best for those who don’t want any spicy tonics.  The traditional German and Polish tonics are based on very traditional sauerkrauts.  These are heal-alls that have been used for generation after generation as a cure for digestive issues, upset tummies. bowel issues, hangovers and more.

The black Garlic & Mushroom has a unique mushroom flavour and it is very special on its own.  This original creation is not at all strong in garlic taste and has amazing healing benefits on the immune system.  Black garlic itself has so many wonderful properties and is often considered to be high in anti-oxidants, anti-viral, anti-microbial & anti-cancer and when fermented it turns into a caramelised onion like flavour. This results in a healing elixir that doesn’t have the strong garlic tones usually experienced in garlic products.

An interesting story is that we actually had a scientist from the CSIRO visit our stall at a local business event one day and advise us that they are studying the positive effects on the immune system of mushroom, black garlic and probiotics combined!  She said "So you are definitely on the right track with this one!"

 In this pack you will receive one of each of the 330ml bottles.  We recommend alternating between the shots.  Each bottle has 330ml which is 11 shots, so combined you are getting 33 shots to have possibly 3 per day or two per day to introduce some amazing probiotics into your life.

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